Theralase Cool Laser Therapy

What is Theralase Cool Laser Therapy?

Theralase Cool Laser Therapy a dual wavelength therapeutic laser system capable of biohacking the body into a state of recovery. The dual wavelength platform activates three distinct cellular pathways:

  1. ATP Pathway – Accelerates Tissue Healing
  2. Nitric Oxide Pathway – Reduces Inflammation
  3. Lipid Absorption Pathway – Manage and eliminate pain in the targeted area

Using a series of 9 laser diodes, the laser is Super-Pulsed into the tissue, which allows for a cellular response to occur at a depth of up to 5 inches. Leveraging our patented algorithm, the laser system will deliver a precise dose of light to each patient. This algorithm considers the condition being treated, generalized BMI characteristics of the patient and biofeedback technology that can calculate depth of tissue in a targeted area.

Cool Laser therapy can help with over 85+ treatable conditions. Whether you are suffering from acute, sub-acute or chronic pain, cool laser therapy is a powerful tool for improving patient outcomes.

What Makes Theralase Cool Laser Therapy unique?

  1. All light sources used are True Laser Diodes
  2. The 905nm Light sources is super-pulsed into the tissue. This allows the light to achieve a substantial depth without heating or damaging the tissue being treated
  3. The Theralase software leverages a patented algorithm to deliver a precise dose of light to each patient
  4. The power of each wavelength can be adjusted, which gives a unique level of treatment customization
  5. Treatment time is short and concise (1-3 Minutes per point)

Understanding the Importance of Custom Protocols

It is safe to say that every patient will possess their own unique body type. If a defensive line football player and a ballerina were to come in for the same injury, you can’t deliver the same protocol to both individuals and expect outstanding results. By leveraging BMI characteristics, you can adjust protocols and deliver a more precise dose of light to each patient. The TLC 2000 Smart Laser System leverages its own patented algorithm to help with this calculation. Instead of taking a “trial and error” approach to success, The TLC 2000 uses its patented algorithm to calculate a more precise protocol for each patient you see.