About Jema Therapeutics

At Jema Therapeutics there is a range of therapies aimed at:

  • stress relief
  • pain relief
  • reduce swelling and inflammation
  • restoration of muscle imbalance
  • improved circulation
  • improved healing
  • improved physical function, and
  • much more

The registered massage therapist will work with you to find the most appropriate approach to your ailment. We offer Swedish massage, manual lymph drainage, Esalen Deep Tissue massage, Thai massage, acupuncture, and other techniques.

At the beginning of your treatment, a thorough case history and physical assessment is prepared. We will spend time with you, discussing your concerns and preferred treatment options.

Registered massage therapists are part of the regulated health profession. They receive comprehensive academic and practical training at a recognized school before completing written and clinical exams leading to registration as a member of the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario and is regulated through the RHPA and the Massage Therapy Act. An RMT may issue official receipts for treatments received. Massage therapy is not an OHIP benefit but many extended health care pans do include it. Check with your insurer for details concerning your individual coverage.

RMT treatment is by appointment only. Please call us at (519) 588-3451 to book or email jacqueline@jematherapeutics.com.